Is Your Neurogenic Bladder Holding
You Back?

SCONE™ Therapy can help you get back to living your life

Reduced Urgency

Group 364-min

Restored Sensation

Improved Capacity

Reduced Leaks

Group 1457-min

Reduced Frequency

Group 422-min

Need For Fewer Catheters

More than 80% of people who have used SCONE™ experienced improvements in neurogenic bladder symptoms*
– Kreydin et al., 2020
SCONE™ has been recognized by FDA as a Breakthrough Device
SCONE™ is an investigational device and is limited by Federal (USA) law to investigational use only
The FDA has not reviewed the safety and efficacy for SCONE™
Treatment Protocol
SCONETherapy is delivered through comfortable hydrogel electrode pads that are placed on the skin over specific regions of the spinal column.
SCONETrains the spinal cord and Brain to minimize the bladder control issues caused by neurogenic bladder

Session length: 60 mins

No. Of Sessions: 2 Per/week

Program length: 12 weeks