SpineX is a medical bioelectric solutions company conducting advanced clinical trials of its non-invasive therapy platforms.

We are developing the world’s first treatments for urinary incontinence due to neurogenic bladder (NB) and developing technology to treat the root cause cerebral palsy (CP).

Our approach is not to manage symptoms: we are treating the underlying condition at the source.

The cutting-edge innovations at SpineX are the product of decades of research by world-renowned scientists. Our dedicated team has deep experience in the field and has generated strong peer-reviewed evidence to support our advances/products. The clinical evidence that we have collected is reproducible and uniquely promising.

Our Vision

Making life better for people living with neurological conditions

Our Mission

To enhance, improve and restore quality of life for individuals living with neurological conditions through non-invasive neuromodulation solutions

The man with the vision:

meet Dr. Reggie Edgerton PhD